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Guinea Pigs – Not Tested On Animals


1. Have a nice flight
2. Don't be a puppet
3. New type of drug
4. Blank page
5. Crowd control
6. Voyage
7. Damage check
8. Icon freak
9. Goodbye sanity

Produced by Avi & Shalom Sagges, mastered by Tim Shuldt, cover by Assaf Gadasi.

"Those two nutters from Israel, Avi and Shalom Sagges, have succeeded in bringing us a diversified trip with the brave goal to bridge the gap between the dark nighttime sound, the twilight and the morning hysteria. Did I even notice housey elements? This album rocks, never bores me and spreads a healthy dose of humour that I am now infected with. Guaranteed fun and my strongest recommendation to almost everybody with an open minded taste in music." Mushroom Magazine (October 2006 issue)


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Guinea Pigs – Not Tested On Animals