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Para Halu – Space Rock


1. Flipper
2. Popeyote
3. Crunchy Christ
4. Space Rock
5. Matter Of Course
6. Karcos Harcos
7. Manntraxxx
8. Cacao Remix
9. Glowing Steel
10. Ironiq Iron

Produced by Adam Hohmann & Andras Fekete, mastered by Tim Schuldt, artwork by Peter Cserhati, distributed by Wirikuta.

Para Halu project started in 2002 and since then became one of the most popular and entertaining deep psychedelic projects on this planet known for their deep, hypnotic, portentously wreathing and more complex brain massage sound. The best words describing these imaginative and intelligent brain-twisting psychedelic tunes of Adam Hohmann and Andras Fekete are “Pure Creative Madness”.

The new album Space Rock was made as a tribute to the golden ages of psychedelia, inspired by such pioneers of the genre as Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles or Hawkwind and the style psychedelic space rock itself. This is a collection of ten previously unreleased brand spanking new tracks following the strict concept, designed for the dance floor and guiding you to the beautiful and mysterious worlds of classical Para Halu rhythms and atmospheres.


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Para Halu – Space Rock